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Our Partners

Rx Compassion is grateful to a variety of clinicians, corporations, nonprofits, governmental agencies, and more to enact our vision of a world with Healthier Pregnancies and Safer Births.


Here area some of our partners:

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Suffolk County Office of Women's Services

"One of the greatest barriers to improving maternal health and outcomes is the lack of multilingual access to educational information. By providing and distributing Rx Compassion’s Maternal Health Guide, promoting cesarean safety, educating women about maternal health and cesarean deliveries, and providing families with support, information and resources, outcomes will be improved.

Rx Compassion can expand their reach through partnerships such as ours, and enable the organization to implement innovative programmatic initiatives, comprehensive maternal health education and implementing strategies to promote cesarean safety. Ultimately, they aim to help all women, particularly vulnerable women and those in underserved communities with language barriers, have healthier pregnancies, safer births, and stronger beginnings.


We are therefore pleased to support Rx Compassions Maternal Mission project and we expect to refer to them for the benefit of our clients."

- Grace Ioannidis, Executive Director
Suffolk County Executive’s Office of Women's Services

YWCA White Plains and Central Westchester

YWCA White Plains and Central Westchester hosted Rx Compassion's first-ever Maternal Health Convening in April of 2023. Thanks to the YWCA, women form the community were able to gather and discuss strategies for healthier pregnancies and safer births, as well as share concerns and questions about pregnancy and c-sections. 

The YWCA's pillars of Health & Wellness, Eliminating Racism, and helping women become self-sufficient make this partnership a natural one. 

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The American Heart Association

"The American Heart Association’s mission is to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases and
stroke. Heart Disease is the number one killer of Americans and the leading cause of death in women.

The Association values education and health equity to all. Rx Compassion’s work with maternal health
education to women aligns with the Association’s values to ensure all women are educated on their
overall health throughout their pregnancy. The Association and Rx Compassion are both leading the
path to longer healthier lives and our partnership together will make a great impact on Long Island
and Westchester." 

Katie Bauer

Community Impact Director

The Westchester County Office of Women

"The Office for Women (OFW) is Westchester County’s central resource for all kinds of information concerning women and families – domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment, legal issues, employment, childcare, education, equal pay, financial planning, women’s health, caregiving and aging.


The OFW promotes equal rights, independence, dignity and equity for Westchester County women and their families. We provide free, confidential, bi-lingual support to women and families facing domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of abuse.

Improving maternal health is a pressing issue, given the rising cesarean delivery rates in the United States and the associated increase in maternal morbidity and mortality rates."

-Robin Schlaff

Director, Westchester County Office for Women

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Additional Thanks to...

Tiffany S.W. Hamilton

Isabella Malouf, LMSW

Angelique Morelli

YWCA White Plains  & Central Westchester

Melissa Andrieux, Esq.

Dorf & Nelson, LLP


Stephanie Madonia

Jacqui Phillips

Yehudis Teitelbaum

Pam Peterkin White

Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation

Donna Kimick

Lakeshore Lactation Consultants


Christian Templeman

Morgan Stanley


Look of Success


Pure Barr Mount Kisco


Kerry Gillick-Goldberg


BELI (Baby Essentials  Long Island)

Westchester Library Systems


Clarel Antoine, MD



Kristen Kaessler



Alicia Robbins, MD



Maureen Clark, DO


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