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Our Mission

Compassion at its Core

Rx Compassion raises awareness of the risks and benefits of C-sections, advocates for cesarean safety, and improves the health and well-being of women and their families through education, advocacy, research, strategic partnerships, and modeling compassionate patient care.

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Rx Compassion's
Maternal Health Guide

Rx Compassion's team of clinicians, physicians, and community partners created this free resource for anyone interested in learning more about the risks and benefits of c-sections. 

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Topics include:

  • Pain Management

  • Recovery

  • Types of C-sections

  • and more!

Rx Compassion is Dedicated to:


Improving the health, recovery and well-being of patients undergoing Cesarean section

through the use of compassionate care practices and superior surgical techniques that reduce the incidence of placenta accreta spectrum and other post-cesarean adverse effects

Educating physicians and other medical professionals

on best surgical practices, the worth and use of compassionate patient care, and incorporate compassion and empathy into traditional models of health care.

Supporting hospitals and other health-care-affiliated facilities

by recognizing, enriching and supporting exemplary practices and programs dedicated to compassionate patient care.

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The Inspiration for Rx Compassion

Why Compassion

Why Compassion

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