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Whether considered to be an awareness, an energy, a principle or value, compassion is an understanding of the suffering of another, and then being able to use one’s intelligence, skills, training, and emotional connection in a capacity to assist without being judgmental.



“….Knowledge and ingenuity are not the only prerequisites for being a physician.. Character, understanding and sympathy are essential ingredients which raise him above the merely skilled professional. We pray that Almighty G-d grant you many years of good health, personal happiness, and prosperity so that you may continue in your holy mission.”…patient


“….You displayed devotion, expertise, and utmost care, along with your words of wisdom, and a warm smile. We have yet to meet a physician with bedside manners so impeccably fine, professionalism, compassion, and dedication.” …patient


“….Throughout the many months of or time together, at any given moment, we felt your spiritual greatness as well as the wisdom of a man who is guided by an undivided devotion to his calling. Thank you for having guided us. We feel blessed that our paths have crossed.” …patient


“….Without reservation, I express my gratitude to the God above for allowing our lives to be touched by this magical human being and physician. I was most impressed with his caring, charismatic personality, humble character, and fostering an environment of complete love and nurturing of his laboring patients and families.” …head nurse on labor delivery room


“From day one of our short pregnancy you have demonstrated to us time and time again your selfless devotion to your patients. You made yourself available to our every whim and concern we had without ever once minimizing our concerns and fears in the slightest….Yourcomforting arm on my shoulder and hug said it all….The strength and positive outlook that you have shown during this difficult time have made it easier for us to move on and look forward to a brighter future.” …patient, F. A.



Latest News

April 25, 2010

For three years in a row, founder, Dr. Clarel Antoine, is featured as a New York Super Doctor in New York Times Magazine.



April 22, 2009

Rx Compassion, Inc. is incorporated in New York