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The Mission of Rx Compassion is to promote compassion in hospitals and other affiliated health care facilities by inspiring, creating, recognizing, enriching and supporting exemplary practices and programs dedicated to compassionate patient care.



Rx Compassion was conceived as an idea to promote that all medical professionals, ancillary medical support personnel, and medical facility administration, executives, managers, and staff should become more aware that successful patient treatment can be achieved by the addition of an unwritten prescription for patient care: compassion.


Compassion, for me, was born in my teen years when I was in seminary school with Jesuit fathers, then thinking of becoming a priest. From then on, voluntary caring services have always been a part of my lifeā€¦the boy scouts, altar boy, in school, teaching others. Not surprisingly, I became a doctor, and it is through my practice that the idea for an institutionalized program of compassion crystallized for me, coming from the hundreds of personal letters from of my patients.


I have shared excerpts from just a few of the hundreds of personal letters I have received over the years. Some use words like “magical,” “devoted,” or “holy,” but the underlying message always about the patient being known and cared for. As they say in the advertising business,


“Show me you know me.”


While I am proud to be individually regarded as extraordinary and compassionate, the truth is that everyone who works in this hospital can be extraordinary and compassionate. Every staff person here, from the garage parking attendants to the food service workers, to all medical staff, should be receiving his or her own share of grateful letters.


To foster this culture, there are skills, practices, and attitudes that can be modeled, taught, learned, and adopted into an institutional culture of compassionate care. This is the area where I will particularly rely on you for your expertise and experience.


My realm of experience is in obstetrics, and for the purposes of today’s discussion, I’ll be using examples from the labor and delivery room unit. However, I am certain that the lessons and applications learned here can be applied to a comprehensive program within all services at the medical center.



Latest News

April 25, 2010

For three years in a row, founder, Dr. Clarel Antoine, is featured as a New York Super Doctor in New York Times Magazine.



April 22, 2009

Rx Compassion, Inc. is incorporated in New York